January 22nd – Psalm 27:3

Psalm 27:3

With the days growing darker and the enemies of Christians closing in on all sides, how can we not fear? King David felt that same type of fear. In the over 20 years after being anointed to actually taking the throne, he too faced enemies from every side. Yet with confidence David declared, “Whom shall I fear?” How could David be so fearless? Because he knew that neither his own strength, nor his cleverness could save him. No the king of Israel knew his deliverance would only come from the Lord. And David trusted that as he followed in obedience, the Lord would defend him at every turn. For David knew the love God had for him, and put his security in that love. God also loves us with the same intensity. And we can rest securely in the knowledge that God’s love will protect us no matter what. So we too can boldly say, “Though my enemies surround me, my heart will not fear!”