January 24th – John 14:27

John 14:27

After suffering a childhood trauma, I was diagnosed with PTSD. And as a result, I know first hand the debilitating effects anxiety can have mentally and physically in a person’s life. Feelings of panic. Spiraling irrational thoughts. And paralyzing fear. I used to deal with the anxiety by hiding myself away from the world. The safe little bubble I created kept the anxiousness at bay. But that’s no way to live. Because God wants us to live full abundant lives. To experience the peace that Jesus died to give us.

I wish I could tell you there was a magic pill, a fool proof therapy, or a sure fire yoga pose to combat fear. But there’s not. Because what works for one may not work for the next. And even as a Christian, I fight the battle of anxiety every day. But I don’t fight it alone. This is a war I wage together with God. The moment I feel the fear start to creep in, I cry out to my Father, sharing with Him every thought and feeling. I visualize His hand firmly gripping mine. And I recite out loud Bible verses reminding me of the Lord’s promise of peace. A promise that tells me if my fears never come to pass, or if my greatest dread is realized, Jesus is there.

We can’t just wish our fears away. We need to act on God’s Word instead of reacting to the situation. Today I challenge you to dig deep in finding the root of your anxiety. Begin with your doctor. Make sure there isn’t an underlying physical issue causing your symptoms. Talk to your minister, rabbi, pastor or priest. Ask around for recommendations for a good counselor. Share your feelings and struggles with those around you. And above all else, turn to the Lord. He loves you and wants to see you living in His peace. A peace, that dries our tears, quiets our fears, rejoices during trials, and sings in suffering.