January 30th – Isaiah 35:4

Isaiah 35:4 

Timothy warned that near the point of Christ’s return, society would degenerate to all forms of ungodliness. (2 Tim. 3:2) And we’re there. Yet no matter how evil the world becomes we needn’t fear. For very soon God is coming with a vengeance to make things right. Isaiah too faced the desolation of his culture. The Assyrian Empire was sweeping through the land destroying everything in its path. The Northern tribes of Israel had already been conquered and dispersed. And the Southern Kingdom of Judah was next. Yet Isaiah didn’t give in to fear or despair. Instead he calmed the anxious in heart with the promise of God. A promise we too can claim. The Lord will save those He calls His own! And in His perfect timing, goodness and righteousness, He will come to restore the land and banish all evil forever!