February 6th – Revelation 3:20

Revelation 3:20

An unexpected knock on the door at an unexpected time of the day or night, always throws us off. Do you answer it? Or do you pretend you’re not home? What if it was Jesus standing on the other side? Would you invite Him in, or would you peek from behind a curtain until He leaves? There’s nothing Jesus wants more than to have a loving, personal relationship with each of us. Yet He will not force us into a friendship. Instead He stands at the door of hearts, knocking, waiting for us to ask Him in. For He knows the joy awaiting us when we abide in the Lord. A joy made complete in Christ as we declare Him as our Savior and receive the glorious transformation through the work of the Holy Spirit. Do you hear Jesus knocking on the door of your heart? Open it wide, invite Him in, and receive the greatest blessings you’ll ever know!