February 7th – 1 John 1:1-3

1 John 1:1-3

We’ve all heard it said that Christianity is a relationship not a religion. Which was always God’s plan. From the beginning He established a way for us to fellowship with Him forever through His Son, Jesus Christ. “The Word of Life” in the flesh, the Lord came to pay our sin debt and reconcile us back to our Father in heaven. And through His blood we now can have an intimate, unbreakable relationship with God. And even better still, wanting us to have everything we need to grow in the Lord, God gave us the Bible. It has always been God’s greatest desire for us to walk in fellowship with Him. And the Holy Bible is His blueprint; the atlas of life. For in its pages we’ll find a path. A magnificent path lit by the glory of God’s light. And one, that if we do not not stray from, leads us to a close relationship with our Creator, Father, Savior, and our dearest Friend. A path to the deepest joy we’ll ever know, and a unconditional love lasting an eternity.