February 12th – Psalm 139

Psalm 139

There is no one who knows you better than God. As our Creator and Father, He has perfect knowledge of every aspect about us. From the number of hairs on our head, to every thought, sin, and word we speak. He knows our dreams, hopes, and fears. And as such, He is the perfect One to go to when searching our hearts. David loved God deeply. So he turned to the Lord asking Him to show David any way in which God was displeased with him. We should do the same. Because if we want to grow closer to God, we need to rid our lives of anything that keeps us distanced from Him. So ask God to search your heart and mind. Pray to be open to any areas in your life that need work. And out of His great love, God will lovingly guide, instruct, and lead us on a closer path to Him.