February 13th – Psalm 65:4

Psalm 65:4

One of the hardest things that Christians wrestle with is predestination. How in His sovereignty, before the creation of man, God decided who He would draw to Himself. And although we might not understand His reasoning or methods, we can overflow in gratitude. Gratitude for being one of those God calls His own. Once we were all enemies of the Lord, separated by our sin and sentenced to death. But in His love and mercy, God sent His only begotten Son to redeem and reconcile His beloved children back to Himself. And that includes you and me! How awesome is that! God chose us to draw near to Him and dwell in His courts. To be satisfied abundantly with the goodness of His house. And to His children, our Father in heaven promises an eternity spent by His side, never again to be separated from the God of our salvation!