February 14th – 1 Samuel 2:26

1 Samuel 2:26

Samuel was a mighty prophet of Israel. But he only got that way by learning to hear, recognize, and obey God’s voice. This allowed him to grow closer and in favor with the Lord. And if we want to grow closer to God, we too must learn to do the same. Many are the ways the Lord tries speaking to us. One is through His Word. Often when we’re reading the Bible, the Holy Spirit will make a particular scripture or passage jump out at us. Another is through prayer. As our two-way life line of communication with God, prayer is our chance to not only talk, but more importantly, listen for His small, still voice. And yet another is through a feeling or impression. Some call them “God Tugs”.  A pull of conviction on our heart. Or a sense of just knowing something deep in our spirit. God never intends for our relationship with Him to be one of coldness or distance. Instead He wants us to be so close, nothing can shake us from His perfect love, grace, and peace. So today use the ears of your heart to listen for the Lord. Be on the lookout for “God Tugs.” Little “aha” moments where you recognize God reaching out. And when you spot one, stop and say, “Speak, Lord, for Your servant is listening.”