Day: February 17, 2022

News Of the Day – February 17th

Pastor Greg Locke Says Satan Gave Him The Names Of Six Witches In His Congregation

Controversial pastor, Greg Locke is in the news again. This time he’s making claims of conversations with demons. Those demons, he said, had revealed the names of a group of “full-blown, spell-casting” witches who’d been sent to infiltrate Global Vision, a nondenominational church east of Nashville, Tennessee, where Locke is pastor. “To God be the glory, I lie not,” he told the congregation at Global Vision on Sunday (Feb. 13), which was meeting in a packed tent on the church’s property. “We got first and last names of six witches that are in our church. And you know what’s strange, three of you are in this room right now.” Read more about his outrageous claims here.


Professor Of Religion Labels Masks Opposers As Having The Spirit Of The Antichrist

Obery M. Hendricks Jr., a religion professor at Columbia University, said last week that Christians who refuse to wear masks are possessed by “the spirit of antichrist.” “These folk are not fulfilling their gospel responsibility. They’re violating it. They’re spitting in the face of it,” Hendricks said. “It’s anti-biblical. It’s anti-Christian. And I’ll go farther … what we see reflected in their attitudes and their actions and their pronouncements is what 1 John calls the spirit of antichrist.” He went on to claim that Franklin Graham, Paula White, and Robert Jeffress, all prominent evangelical supporters of former President Donald Trump, also have the spirit of Antichrist. Read more about his comments here.


Christian Crowdfunding Site Hacked, Donors Names Released

GiveSendGo, the “number one Christian crowdfunding site”, was being used by the protestors to raise funds with over $8.7 million donated so far. But the site was hacked, and users were redirected to a different domain, which featured a video condemning the website and the Freedom Convoy. A file revealing the identities of 92,845 donors was made available as part of the hack. The video the hackers redirected GiveSendGo to referred to the website as “grifters and hatriots”. “You helped fund the January 6th insurrection in the US. You helped fund an insurrection in Ottawa. In fact you are committed to fund anything that keeps the raging fire of misinformation going until it burns the world’s collective democracies down,” it said. Read more about the hack here.


Jonathan The Tortoise Named Oldest Land Animal

Jonathan, a Seychelles giant tortoise, will celebrate his 190th birthday this year at his home on the South Atlantic Island of St. Helena, a volcanic British Overseas Territory. According to the Guinness World Records, the event will make the reptile the oldest-ever living chelonian, the reptile order that includes turtles, terrapins and tortoises. Previously, the record was held by Tu’i Malila, a Madagascar radiated tortoise gifted to Tonga’s royal family in 1777 and died in 1965 at 188 years old. Jonathan arrived in St. Helena as a gift to Sir William Grey-Wilson in 1882, who later became governor of the island. To put Jonathan’s age into perspective, when Queen Elizabeth II’s great-grandmother Queen Victoria ascended the throne in 1837, the tortoise was already five years old. Read more about Jonathan here.




February 17th – Jeremiah 12:2

Jeremiah 12:2

This week we have focused on growing in the Lord and in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior, pressing on to maturity in our walk with Him. When we hear His Word, we choose to believe it or not. And we choose whether or not to act on it. Jesus says that once we accept Him as Lord and Savior, we should be growing and producing fruit, wanting to share Jesus with others. God’s love for us is a redeeming love (Ransoming; procuring deliverance from captivity, capture, bondage, sin, distress or liability to suffer, by the payment of an equivalent.-1828 Webster Dictionary) and others should be able to see it in our lives. So we need to ask ourselves is God really Lord of our life? Do we know the right words to say but do not really believe it in our hearts. Are we the same person during the week that we profess to be in church on Sunday? And most importantly, can others see His fruit in our lives?