Day: February 18, 2022

Here Am I, Send Me! – Isaiah 6

Isaiah 6

The Bible teaches about many prophets. Men and women anointed to be used by God in awesome ways. But far from enjoying peaceful, easy living, God’s prophets were often despised, persecuted, and imprisoned. And the messages they brought, hated and disregarded. Many suffered tragic, violent deaths. Yet they still stayed true to revealing God’s messages. Why? Because of divine encounters with the Lord. Encounters that transformed both their hearts and their lives. …

February 18th – Matthew 4:19

Matthew 4:19 

To be chosen by Jesus as one of His very own is a gift beyond reckoning. And it’s also a gift that requires sacrifice. Because we can’t follow the Lord and follow the world. Following Jesus means laying down all we knew before, giving up our old, sinful, earthly ways, for a better way of life. But sadly for some, this is asking too much. They would rather cling to the world and its desires then to Jesus. The Jews of old sacrificed much to follow the Lord. They were despised and shunned. They lost their friends, loved ones, way of life, and even their lives. But it was a small price in light of the great price Jesus paid to offer us everlasting life. Jesus calls to each of us, “Follow Me!” Will you answer His call? Can you leave behind the world to become one of His beloved disciples?