February 19th – 1 Peter 2:2

1 Peter 2:2

Like babies who feed on the goodness of their mother’s milk, Christians likewise need to feed on the goodness of God’s pure, spiritual milk. For it is the milk of God’s Word which draws us close to the Lord. And through it, we grow and mature in our walk of faith. And that is God’s desire for our lives. To be continually feasting on the wisdom of the Bible. To yearn for His life giving nutrients that allow us to progress in grace, wisdom, and knowledge of the Lord. That’s why it’s so vital to spend time in God’s Word daily. For just like food fuels the body, the Scriptures fuel the soul. Equipping us daily to face whatever comes our way. How is your appetite? Are you starting each day empty and hungry? Or are you filling your mind body, and soul, with the perfect nutritional spiritual milk of the Gospel?