February 21st – Luke 17:5

Luke 17:5

We live in a world which has a mindset that “more is better.” But Jesus says to walk closer to Him, we need to value quality over quantity. There were none closer to the Lord than the 12 men He handpicked to walk beside Him. For three years the disciples faithfully followed Jesus as He healed the sick, fed the hungry, and raised the dead. And still they cried out to the Lord, “Increase our faith!” Yet it wasn’t actually more faith they were seeking, but rather a deep, genuine faith that empowered them to fulfill all Jesus called them to do.

The disciples understood that faith is the Word of God in action. It is meant to be lived out, not left idle and stale. Because the deeper our belief and trust, the closer we are to God. Even the tiniest bit of genuine faith in the Lord, can produce amazing results in our life and in the lives of others. And that’s the kind of faith the disciples wanted. Because of their overflowing love and gratitude for their Savior, they wanted an active, deep faith. One that not only allowed them to walk closer to Jesus, but as did Jesus. Is that the faith you want? I do! So how can we have that kind of genuine faith?

First through spending time in God’s Word. All relationships need nurturing. By feasting on the scriptures, we get to know who Jesus is and what He teaches. Another is through obedience. When we step out in trusting faith, obeying God’s will in all things, we learn to depend on Him completely. And third, we grow closer to the Lord by living out our faith for all to see. By loving, forgiving, and caring for others as Jesus does, we become living examples of our Savior in action for the world to witness.