Day: February 24, 2022

February 24th – News Of The Day

Israel Strongly Condemns Russia Attacks Against Ukraine

Knowing firsthand how it feels to have their exitance as a people and country threatened to be annihilated, Israel has strongly condemned the action of Russia and president Putin against Ukraine. “The Russian attack on Ukraine is a serious violation of the international order,” Foreign Minister Yair Lapid said. “Israel condemns the attack, and is ready and prepared to provide humanitarian assistance to the citizens of Ukraine.” Lapid added that “Israel is a country that has experienced wars, and war is not the way to resolve conflicts. The first hours and days of any war are also the last time you can still stop and return to the negotiating table, mediated by world powers, to settle disputes peacefully.” Read more about Israel’s stand here. 


New California Law Forces Doctors To Participate In Assisted Suicide

A new California law known as SB380, has doctors worried that they will be forced to go against their religious beliefs and participate in assisted suicide. now some concerned are suing the state for violating their religious liberty rights. Although the text of the law says physicians who object to assisted suicide “shall not be required to participate,” the law actually requires all doctors to participate at the beginning of the process, according to the suit. That’s because a doctor who opposes the law must still write the date of an individual’s request for end-of-life drugs “in the medical record” and then transfer the record “with documentation” to a “new health care provider or health care entity,” according to the law’s text. Read more about the lawsuit here.


New Poll Shows Less Than Half Of Americans Trust Pastors

According to new data from Barna Research Group, less than half of American adults, including non-Christians, find pastors to be “very reliable” sources of wisdom when it comes to spiritual matters. The research, which asked whether pastors are seen as trustworthy sources of wisdom, found that 57 percent of Americans generally agreed that pastors were “somewhat” reliable and 23 percent of American adults agreed that pastors are “definitely” a “trustworthy source of wisdom.” Thirty-one percent of Christians said pastors are “definitely” trustworthy, while just four percent of non-Christians said the same thing. Less than half of Christians (44 percent) considered pastors to be “very reliable” when addressing spiritual matters, while another 39 percent found them “somewhat reliable.” Read more about the research here.


Research Shows Mental Speed Of Brain Slows Down Much Later Than Thought

Mental speed of our brain as we age slows down much later than previously thought. Psychologists at Heidelberg University have come to this conclusion. Under the leadership of Dr Mischa von Krause and Dr Stefan Radev, they evaluated data from a large-scale online experiment with over a million participants. The findings of the new study suggest that the speed of cognitive information processing remains largely stable between the ages of 20 and 60, and only deteriorates at higher ages. The Heidelberg researchers have hereby called into question the assumption to date that mental speed starts to decline already in early adulthood. Another finding of the study was that average information processing speed only progressively declined with participants over the age of 60. Read more about the findings here. 


February 24th – Colossians 1:10

Colossians 1:10

We are almost at the end of the winter season and most of us are getting ready for the spring! Some are excited to begin working in their gardens. Because although it involves lots of work and dedication, in due time they get to see the results. They enjoy the beauty, and can’t help but smile and sigh knowing the work was worth it! Those who are pros know they need to have good soil so whatever they plant will grow and bloom. And the plants have to be protected from weeds and pests so they will grow and bear fruit. So almost on a daily basis the gardener must bend down and look for those weeds and pests in order to get rid of them ASAP!!

In today’s scripture Paul has written God’s heartfelt desire for His people to walk in spiritual wisdom and understanding. He wants us to, “please Him in all things, bearing fruit in every good work and steadily growing in the knowledge of God.” In our Christian walk we as “the gardeners of our soul”, must also protect our hearts and minds from those “weeds and pests” that will prevent us from growing and bearing fruit. James 1:21-22 tells us how. “Therefore lay aside all filthiness and overflow of wickedness, and receive with meekness the implanted word, which is able to save your souls. But be doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves.”

I would like to ask you to take some time and prayerfully, in wholly surrender, ask our Abba Father to show you, what you are to get rid of to fully please Him and be able to bear fruit? He will show you and will also help you. You only need to ask. Because God loves you and He is Faithful!!