March 4th – Acts 12:5

Acts 12:5

When it comes to being a powerful prayer warrior, there is none greater than a small servant girl named Rhoda. Her faith in God was so strong, all she needed was to hear the voice of Peter to know her petition was answered. After Peter had been captured and jailed, believers gathered at the house of Mary, the mother of Mark. While praying for Peter’s release, there came a knock at the gate. Rhoda went to answer it, and after recognizing Peter’s voice, she joyfully ran to the people to share the good news. But they thought her mistaken. Yet Rhoda never doubted for a moment. For she had complete faith that what we ask from God, He has the power and ability to do. (1 John 5:14) We should all be like Rhoda. Exited, and full of faith. Praying expectantly to our Heavenly Father, and being filled with joy when those prayers are answered. There is great power in prayer. For when we are bound by chains and all gates are shut, the gate to God through prayer is always open. And through Him, all things are possible.