March 9th – Psalm 18:6

Psalm 18:6

David had been in hiding and afraid for his very life because King Saul wanted to find and destroy him. Saul saw David as a threat and had many resources to use against David. But David  in his distress never took matters into his own hands. Instead he went to God, believing that God would hear his prayers and intervene on his behalf. When David felt weak, helpless and vulnerable, he prayed. Prayer was David’s lifeline. He knew he was limited, but God was not. And in this Psalm David calls God his strength, rock, fortress. deliverer, shield, horn of salvation, and shield. 

David looked at his enemies and declared them, “too mighty for me”. So he looked to God to have victory even against the odds. David knew that he didn’t have to face his circumstances alone and he credited God for helping him.

This is one of the key benefits of prayer. And it’s humbling to realize that we are limited, not in control of our circumstances, and need help. Yet it gives us hope to know that we can ask for help from the One who is all knowing, all powerful and able to strengthen and equip us. Every day brings its challenges and every day we need to meet with the Lord in prayer. Has the Lord heard your voice today? 

Blessings, Becky