March 16th – Matthew 26:41

Matthew 26:41

Jesus, in the Garden of Gethsemane, knew that he was facing the biggest spiritual battle of a lifetime. He also knew that his disciples would be facing great spiritual battles too. They would be afraid and feel alone as their leader was taken from their presence and imprisoned. Jesus knew that even though they loved him and said they would never deny or forsake Him, in their own strength, they would fail to carry through. He knew their weaknesses and the cunning power of the enemy and that’s why he strongly encouraged them to pray.

Prayer is how we engage in spiritual warfare. Temptation is a tool of the devil. One he used in the Garden of Eden to lure Eve and then Adam into sinful desires and disobedience to God. We all will face temptations. But God’s Word tells us that there’s no temptation He hasn’t encountered. And certainly no temptation He can’t help us overcome. In His time of deepest sorrow, Jesus had mankind on his mind. One of the most beautiful things about God taking on human flesh to dwell among man is that He can relate to all of our struggles and hardships. Jesus provided reconciliation for us to God and He actively intercedes for us.  What a privilege to know we have access to the throne of God for our petitions and prayers. 

Blessings, Becky