Day: March 17, 2022

News Of The Day – March 17th

Christianity Today Former Editor Accused Of Sexual Harassment

For more than a dozen years, Christianity Today failed to hold two ministry leaders accountable for sexual harassment at its Carol Stream, Illinois, office. A number of women reported demeaning, inappropriate, and offensive behavior by former editor in chief Mark Galli and former advertising director Olatokunbo Olawoye. But the men were not disciplined, according to an external assessment of the ministry’s culture released Tuesday. Olawoye was arrested in 2017 after a sting operation by federal agents. He had been trying to pay for sex with a teenager and was later sentenced to three years in prison.  Read more about the harassment here.


California Town May Declare Chick-fil-A Public Nuisance

Chick-fil-A restaurants are known for their heavy foot traffic and busy drive-thrus, but a Chick-fil-A in Santa Barbara, California, is getting so much business that the city council is considering forcing the restaurant to move by declaring it a “public nuisance.” Residents have complained about backups that spill from the drive-thru and onto the road. Mayor Randy Rowse, “It is important to understand we’re trying to cure, not trying to punish.” Chick-fil-A representatives said they will fix the issue by adding another thru-lane, rearranging parking spaces and adding “a forced right turn exit out of the restaurant,” the News-Press reported. Read more the restaurant here. 


Minnesota Church Packs Thousands Of Meals For Ukrainians 

More than 200 people gathered at Bethel Lutheran Church to pack thousands of meals for Food for Kidz, a nonprofit organization based in Stewart, Minnesota. The volunteers are members of churches around Rochester including Bethel, Gloria Dei Lutheran Church, Holy Spirit Catholic Church and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Bruce Gudlin, a member of the four-person team at Bethel that organized the event, expects the volunteers today to pack between 100,000 and 120,000 meals. Half of the meals will be distributed locally, while the other half will be sent to Poland. From there, they will be distributed to those impacted by the war in Ukraine. Read more about the effort here.


North Carolina Gas Station Owners Lower Price Of Gas To Help Struggling Customers

Imagine buying gas for about $2 a gallon. That’s hard to come by these days, but lucky drivers in North Carolina were able to get it for $2.25 a gallon. Gas station owners in Burnsville said they wanted to help people during this time, so they took a loss and dropped their prices. “I think that’s really great and kind of them to do that for people around here like us,” customer Caylie Vess said. “I think it’s really good of them.” The cheap gas was available from just before noon to about 5 p.m., when it ran out. The station is expecting another delivery Thursday night or Friday morning. The owners plan to drop the price again soon. Read more about these generous owners here.




march 17th – James 1:5-6

James 1:5-6

There are many who have knowledge but do they have wisdom? And what’s the difference? Knowledge is information gained through experience, reasoning, or acquaintance. Wisdom is the ability to discern or judge what is true, right, or lasting. Knowledge can exist without wisdom, but not the other way around. One can be knowledgeable without being wise. Christians are called to be wise. And wisdom comes from spending time in God’s Word. James 3:13-18- talks about two kinds of wisdom, godly and earthly. So how can we tell between the two?

Godly wisdom is pure, peaceable, gentle, and reasonable. It is full of mercy and good fruits. And is unwavering, without hypocrisy. Earthly wisdom is rooted in jealousy and selfish ambition. It is double minded, lead by evil spirits, and loves lies above the truth. And as 1 Corinthians 3:19 tells us, foolishness before God.

So if it’s wisdom you seek, pray and ask God. For He is generous. And to all who ask, He will give abundant wisdom we need to navigate life!

Blessings, Lyn