March 19th – Psalm 141:1-2

Psalm 141:1-2

The alter of incense inside God’s holy temple was where Aaron was commanded to offer sweet fragrances to the Lord. Every morning and evening, he burned the sacrifice according to God’s specific instructions. And the pleasing aromas were a powerful reminder to the people; a reminder to pray. For the sweet smoke that rose to the heavens was seen as carrying the prayers of God’s people to His ever listening ears. To our loving Father all prayers of His children are precious, and He always responds to their cries. David knew this well. And so continuously he lifted up his arms and offered God prayers for deliverance and of praise. And we should do the same. Each day we need to be offering the sweet smell of our prayers to God. Laying our petitions on His alter, and letting them be carried to the One who longs to hear them.