March 24th – Proverbs 15:8-9

Proverbs 15:8-9

In reading reading these verse in Proverbs, we find that the prayer of a child of God is a pleasing offering. Our Father delights and loves those who fear Him and want to live in His ways. That’s why we are so privileged to not only have God’s word, but be able to pray His word back to Him! Just like David did. Throughout the Psalms we see David’s passion for God. And although he wasn’t a perfect man, He continually prayed to the Lord, and offered his heart with praise and worship. Let us do the same! Let us rejoice in God! For He listens, cares, and delights in us seeking Him. So the next time you approach the Lord in prayer, pray from your heart. A heart that is humble and repentant. And release the beautiful fragrance of a child praying to His heavenly Father!

Blessings, Mari