March 28th – Ephesians 6:18

Ephesians 6:18

After telling Christians about each piece of the armor of God, Paul adds on another crucial part of our uniform. Prayer. And although it’s not something we wear, without it, winning any war is impossible. Why? Because prayer is our lifeline to the power of God. And as our great Commander, the instructions we receive through prayer can mean the difference success and failure.

To be a victorious prayer warrior, Paul goes on to give us, the soldiers of God, practical applications when praying. First he tells us to pray in the Spirit. Praying in the Spirit isn’t about the words we say. Instead it means praying according to the prompting and leading of the Holy Spirit. The Spirit then carries those petitions to our Heavenly Father and lays them at His feet. But praying in the Spirit can only happen when we have a close, personal, relationship with God.

Next Paul tells us to stay alert. Being alert includes being sober minded and watchful. (1 Peter 5:8) For the Enemy’s attacks are never ending, and his deviousness knows no bounds. But nothing stops Satan faster in his tracks then when we drop to our knees in prayer. So just like soldiers who keep their guns at the ready, we are to be ready at a moments notice to go to God with all perseverance in constant and fervent prayer.

Paul ends by telling us the the importance of praying for the needs of other believers. I once read that as prayer warriors, we are spiritual weapons in God’s mighty hand. I love that! That means we have the honor and great privilege of being part of God’s master plan. And when we pray for others, we become important, intricate, parts of seeing that plan come to fruition. Both in the world, and in the lives of other Christians.