April 6th – Philippians 2:7

Philippians 2:7

What an amazing display of love that God chose to become human and live as one of us. Jesus was fully God and fully human all at the same time. He didn’t empty himself of any of his attributes of deity, but He did humbly take on the role of a servant who came to serve.

By taking on human flesh, Christ could empathize with all of the experiences of being human and yet do so without sinning. He knew hunger and also the satisfaction of being fed. The Lord felt warmth, cold, pleasure, and pain. He experienced friendship and rejection. Jesus was loved and admired, yet persecuted and brutally slain. And He faced firsthand temptation. Which is why He is our perfect High Priest.

When Jesus came to Earth, He could have come in a great display of powerful Lordship. Or chosen to be born into wealth, prestige, and honor. But instead His goal was to come as the most humble servant. To be the sacrificial Lamb who would reconcile a sin stained humanity back to a righteous, holy God.

How blessed we are to have the teaching and acts of Jesus accessible through the Bible. For the Lord showed us what God the Father is  like. And what it truly means to have the heart of a devoted servant. Jesus emptied himself by becoming deity clothed in humanity. And no greater act of love exists.

Blessings, Becky