April 9th – Matthew 27:22

Matthew 27:22

The word passion comes from the Latin root word, “pati” which means to endure, or to suffer. A most fitting word to describe the last days of Jesus from the Garden of Gethsemane to His Crucifixion. In this short amount of time, (called the Passion of Christ), Jesus suffered like no other. Betrayed, falsely arrested, and tortured, the Lord was made to stand before a crowd who mere days ago were joyful at His coming, yet now stood shouting Crucify Him!” (vs. 27:22) Even though at any time He could have proven that He was indeed the Son of God and made His accusers fall at His knees, He remained silent not answering even a “single charge” (Mat 27:14) Our Lord suffered unimaginable horrors to call us His own. He gave up everything, to give us everything. And I pray that my heart remains overflowing with as much love and thankfulness every day as it is on Resurrection day.