April 11th – Matthew 27:1-5

Matthew 27:1-5

As one of the 12 disciples personally chosen by Jesus, Judas Iscariot was part of the inner sanctum. Yet the Bible tells us Judas was a devil, thief, unbeliever, and spiritually unclean. So why, knowing all of this beforehand, did the Lord pick him? Even before He came to be the sacrifice for our sins, Jesus knew all it would entail, and all He would have to endure. Yet willingly and joyfully, the Lamb of God came. He came to perfectly fulfill the plans of the Father. Even though sadly, part of those plans included Jesus being betrayed. That’s why, in perfect obedience, the Lord chose Judas.

The story of Judas teaches that an outward profession doesn’t mean genuine faith. We can play and look the part of a Christian, confessing all day long with our lips that Jesus is Lord. But unless we truly believe it in our hearts, we will not inherit eternal life. Judas also shows the destruction caused by the love of money and power. Because of his greed and desire of the worldly things money could buy, Judas committed the ultimate betrayal. That’s why the Bible warns us to run from the love of money and the deceitfulness of riches. And finally Judas painfully displays the difference between being sorry and repentant. Judas’ tragic end came not through regret of his actions, but because of the consequences they brought. His heart wasn’t grieved or repentant over the sin He committed against the Lord.

Many are the lessons we can learn from the disgraced disciple. Because if we’re honest, we too have sinned and at times betrayed the Lord. But if we come before Christ in search of humble forgiveness, and in true repentance, the Lord is quick to forgive and restore!