April 13th – John 21:15-25

John 21:15-25 

Imagine how terrible Peter felt when he betrayed Jesus three times; as the Lord predicted he would do. No wonder it struck a chord deep in Peter’s conscience when later Jesus asked him three times, “Peter, do you love me?” Knowing the Lord knew his heart and his regret, Peter answered, “You know that I love you.” Even though the apostle had earlier denied Christ, Jesus had forgiven Peter and restored him to a place of trust. As evidenced by the Lord’s commandment for Peter to, “Feed My sheep.” And just as He did for Peter, Jesus will do for us. The Lord knows our failures even before we commit them. And, like Peter, when we humbly seek Him in repentance, will be faithful to forgive and restore. God has a purpose that is uniquely ours. And He will help us fulfill that purpose. And no life, no matter how broken, can be beautifully transformed to bring glory to God. Today Jesus is asking you, “Do you love me?”