Day: April 16, 2022

Honoring The Final Words of the King – Mark 15-16

Mark 15-16

The story of the Crucifixion is a tough one. It’s gut wrenching what Jesus suffered at the hands of His captors. He endured savagery, mockery, and rejection. He was brutalized and spit upon. And He did so willingly. At any time more than twelve legions of angels were ready to rescue the Lord at a moments notice. (Matt. 26:53) Yet Jesus bore His Cross to the end. He bore it for our salvation and to see the will of God done. …

April 16th – Revelation 13:8

Revelation 13:8

In the books of the Old Testament we’re told that a blood sacrifice was needed to atone for sin. And God’s plan from the beginning was to reconcile us to back to Himself through the blood of Christ. Before the world was formed, before Adam took his first breath, God knew how man would fall. Because of this, in His infinite love and wisdom, He predetermined for His Son to pay the sin debt for all. The Lamb of God, Jesus Christ, freely offered Himself as the perfect and final blood sacrifice. And He did so to save us from death and give us eternal life. “The Lamb was slain from the creation of the world”. How amazing is it that even before we were born, and knowing all of the sins we would commit, God had already provided our path back to Him!