April 17th – John 16:22

John 16:22

His disciples were grief stricken when Jesus told them about His approaching death. Yet in the very same breath, the Lord also gave them hope through His resurrection, that they would be seeing Him again. Sadly, living in a fallen world means pain and suffering are are a given. But through Jesus, we can have an everlasting joy no sorrow can take away. For the Lord promises to those who believe in Him, pain and suffering are temporary, as compared to the blessings offered by a life in Christ. Jesus uses the example of a woman giving birth. Her labor pain is intense, unbearable, and agonizing. But once that beautiful baby is placed in her loving arms, the pain becomes a distant memory. And in its place is a heart filled with overwhelming love, joy, and thankfulness. In this world pain and persecution will come. But when we are in Christ, and He in us, our grief will be turned to joy. A lasting joy that no one or nothing will ever be able to take away!