Day: April 21, 2022

April 21st – John 19:25-27

John 19:25-27

Jesus is in a terrible agony, with a deep concern in his heart. Concern not for Himself, but for His mother Mary and His devoted followers. Because He sees how they’re suffering at the feet of His cross. The Lord wants His loved ones to be cared for as only a family can. So as one of His last gifts, He asks His beloved John to care for Mary, accepting her as his own mother. And in turn, asking Mary to accept John as her own son. Of this gift of family John Piper once said, “ One of the gifts Jesus gave to us from the cross was the church. A loving, caring, sustaining, encouraging family beyond family. And it is a great encouragement to our faith that He illustrates the meaning of the church the way He did in the relationship between John and Mary. If Jesus could provide for the needs of His own in the moment of His greatest weakness and humiliation, how much more can He provide for your need in His present wealth of power and exaltation!” A great encouragement indeed!



News Of The Day – April 21st

Burger King Apologizes For Using The Words of Jesus At Last Supper In Ad Campaign

Burger King is apologizing after facing criticism from Roman Catholics in Spain for using Jesus’ words from the Last Supper to promote its new veggie burger. The ad said, “Take all of you and eat of it. Which doesn’t have meat. 100% vegetarian. 100% flavor. Big King Vegetable.” Another ad read, “Flesh of my flesh,” but crossed the word “flesh” and wrote vegetable instead. The company said in a statement, “”We apologize to all those who have felt offended by our campaign aimed at promoting our vegetable products during Holy Week. The immediate withdrawal of the campaign has already been requested.” Read more about the apology here.


Dede Robertson, Wife Of Televangelist Pat Robertson, Dies At Age 94

Dede Robertson, the wife of the religious broadcaster Pat Robertson and a founding board member of his Christian Broadcasting Network, died on Tuesday at her home in Virginia Beach. She was 94. Mrs. Robertson became a born-again Christian several months after her husband. The couple, who met at Yale University in 1952, embarked on a journey in which Pat Robertson bought the tiny television station in Virginia that would become the Christian Broadcasting Network. In addition to her husband and her son Gordon, Mrs. Robertson is survived by another son, Timothy; two daughters, Elizabeth Robinson and Ann LeBlanc; 14 grandchildren; and 23 great-grandchildren. Read more about her life here.


Dog the Bounty Hunter Brings masked Singer Judges To Tears

Duane Chapman, better known as Dog the Bounty Hunter, departed from his typical tough-guy image by donning a costume to conceal his identity in this season’s “The Masked Singer,” but before being voted off the show, he shared a tearful rendition of “Amazing Grace.” Judges Robin Thicke and Nicole Scherzinger were noticeably moved. Thicke even revealed that he sings the Christian hymn to his child every night. “I am trying to be a Christian, so we negotiated a Christian song and that song happened to be my mother’s most favorite. It really was very emotional for me to show my faith,” the reality star added. Read more about the performance here.


What Your Candy preference Says About You

If you like sour candy more than other flavors, it’s possible you might be an extrovert. That’s just one takeaway from a new survey of 2,000 candy lovers: a person’s preference for certain sweets may say a lot about their personality and lifestyle choices. In addition to being extroverted (59%), sour candy connoisseurs also identified themselves as more “eccentric” (53%), “funny” (50%) and “sarcastic” (51%.) Meanwhile, chocolate lovers tended to describe themselves as “optimistic” (76%) and “shy” (67%), and fans of mint were most likely to say they’re “thoughtful” (78%). The survey was conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Jelly Belly Candy Company. Read more about the findings here.