Day: April 25, 2022

News Of The Day – April 26th

Supreme Court Hearing Case Involving Football Coach fired For Praying 

Arguments are being heard by Supreme Court Justices involving a case where a high school coach was asked to stop publicly praying, and was fired after he refused. Joseph Kennedy filed suit against the school after he was not retained as a coach by Bremerton (Wash.) High School. He had conducted post-game prayers multiple times, violating a district policy – often at midfield while alone. It is one of the biggest cases in recent years involving free speech, religious liberty and the First Amendment’s Establishment Clause. A decision is expected before the court’s summer break. Read more about the case here. 


Thousands Of Families Left With $50 Million In Debt After Health Care Sharing Ministry Closes

About 10,000 families have ended up with more than $50 million in unpaid medical bills after their health sharing ministry shut down. Sharity Ministries, formerly known as Trinity HealthShare, filed for bankruptcy in late 2021 and began the liquidation process. With so many outstanding claims against the ministry, it is unlikely that its members will receive the reimbursements they are owed. Sharity Ministries operated as a nonprofit that offered an alternative to traditional health insurance where members pay premiums and voluntarily agree to share their medical expenses in accordance with their Christian beliefs. Read more about the bankruptcy here.


Texas Pastor Tweets “Don’t tell Unbelievers God Loves You” 

When Pastor Gabriel Hughes tweeted yesterday, “You should not tell an unbeliever, ‘God loves you,’” social media took note. He continued, “The apostles never shared the gospel this way. The Bible says God’s wrath is upon unbelievers. Help them see their sin, warn them of the judgment of God, and give them the gospel.” The post has received more than 1,000 likes and dozens of replies. Hughes is associate pastor at First Baptist Church in Lindale, Texas. Several people agree with Hughes, while others however, point to apparent scriptural contradictions in Hughes’ words. Read more about the tweet here.


Dutch Designer Helping Refugee Camp Recycle Plastic Waste

In the middle of the Sahara desert on the western border of Algeria, refugee camps hosting tens of thousands of people rely on basic supplies which come in on trucks. And until recently, all the waste from the camps was dumped nearby in the desert into an ever-growing pile of plastic. But refugees are now turning that plastic trash into furniture and other products that they can use. Precious Plastic, an organization with a DIY recycling system developed by a Dutch designer who helped set up a recycling center. One machine shreds the plastic into tiny pieces. Other machines wash and dry them. Then the plastic pieces can be melted down and shaped into new objects. Read more about the center here.





April 26th – Luke 23:32-43

Luke 23: 32-43

Luke tells us as Jesus hung on the Cross, He wasn’t alone. Because two other men, each a criminal, hung on either side of Him. Have you ever wondered why there were three crosses that fateful day and the significance of each? The answer is redemption, repentance, and rejection. The cross which bore our Savior is one of redemption. Jesus our Redeemer died for the sins of the world. And with His blood we are reconciled with the Father. The other two crosses, the thieves which hung to His left and right, represent the choice we must make.

On one side of Christ was a thief hurling insults at Him, taunting the Lord to save them if He could. His is the cross of rejection. He didn’t receive Jesus as His Savior, nor was he sorry for all he had done. Instead he was simply searching for a way out of his predicament. On the other side was a man whose cross represents one of repentance. In faith and reverence he requests, “Lord, remember me when You come into Your kingdom.” Christ’s answer? “Assuredly, I say to you today you will be with Me in Paradise.” So which cross will you choose? Eternal separation from God, or paradise with Jesus?




April 25th – Romans 8:28

Romans 8:28

This world, ruled by Satan, is filled with evil. And each day grows darker than the one before. That’s why every fiber of my being cries out for the return of Jesus. Oh how I long for my glorified body, and to dwell with the Lord forever. Because let’s face it. This side of heaven is a tough place to be. We know Jesus Himself promised rocky times for His followers dwelling on earth. (2Tim. 3:12) And there’s not a single one of us who hasn’t been touched by suffering or faced trials. But the apostle Paul also gives us another promise. Everything we go through, God will use for good for those who love Him. All God asks, is that we trust in the uniquely wonderful plan He has for each of us. In patience, to continue loving, obeying, and praising Him, in good times and bad. All while remembering that while we wait for Christ’s return, neither a smile nor a tear is wasted.