April 30th – Ephesians 1:18

Ephesians 1:18

Throughout the Bible we’re told that God is Light. And from that Light stems goodness, love, and mercy. There are no greater gifts than salvation, and an eternity spent at the Lord’s side. Gifts that God sacrificed His own Son to provide. And gifts that He offers freely to all. That’s why Paul prays that the eyes of our hearts illuminate with the light of God’s hope. The hope of the riches of our inheritance through Jesus Christ. For it is through Christ in which we have become adopted heirs into the kingdom of God. Sons and daughters who no longer walk in darkness but in God’s glorious light. And it also this hope that should be a driving force in our lives. For until that glorious day when we are called home, we should be living a life that glorifies our Lord, reflecting His love in a hurting and dark world.