May 20th – Exodus 24:3

Exodus 24:3

Imagine being an Israelite. Personally chosen by God to enter into a glorious covenant with Him. Witnessing His power firsthand. Traveling day and night surrounded by His glory and protection. Now imagine experiencing all of that only to turn around and reject His love. It’s easy to make a covenant with God when we feel surrounded in His glory. Maybe it’s because of a received blessing, answered prayer, or a need fulfilled. We resolve to faithfully follow His will and not our own. Then life goes on. And our focus wanders on things other than our relationship with the Lord. We spend our time and energy pursuing our fleshly desires. And instead of trusting Him, we attempt to meet our needs on our own. But the wonderful news is this. No matter how much we reject God, He will never reject us. He is always there waiting to welcome us back into His loving arms.