May 21st – Judges 5:31

Judges 5:31

Tired of being persecuted by the Canaanites, the people cried out to God for a deliverer. When Barak was afraid to answer God’s call, Deborah, a prophetess and judge of Israel, stepped up to the plate. And under His direction, her plan of attack resulted in the defeat of Canaan and it’s king. Yet after the victory, instead of patting herself on the back, Deborah sang a song giving God all the glory. Because she knew that Israel’s win only came through the power of God. Deborah’s story shows us that that no matter who we are, when we are open and willing to be used by God, through His power, we can accomplish great things. All we need is to be open to God’s direction and following His plans. Ready and willing to go to battle to see His will done!