May 23rd – Jeremiah 9:24

Jeremiah 9:24

It’s been said that humility doesn’t mean thinking less of yourself, but thinking of yourself less. And there’s no better example of this than Christ. From start to finish, Jesus always put the will of the Father before His own. He never boasted of His great power, nor sought His own glory. Instead, the Lord’s joy was found in being a servant. He gave His life to give us the grace we don’t deserve. And apart from Him, there is nothing in us worth boasting about. No amount of money, fame, or power can stack up against the privilege of calling Jesus, Lord. The mighty Creator of the universe left His glorious throne in heaven to come to earth to save you and me! And through the blood of His Son, we get the amazing honor of calling Him Father. And through the indwelling of His Spirit, the wondrous privilege of knowing Him intimately! Now that’s something for Believers to brag about!