May 27th – 1 Kings 18:39

1 Kings 18:39

Whenever we come before God in prayer, He wants us to pray from a position of authority and power. Look at the prophet Elijah. When he put the false idol Baal up against God Almighty he cried out, “Answer me, O Lord, answer me, that this people may know that You, O Lord, are God.” (1 Kings 18:37) And God answered in a big way, sending fire from heaven. Through the blood of Jesus, we are seated at a place of authority. The privileged place of the right hand of God. So when we pray, and in the name of Jesus, we are claiming His power and asking the Father to act in the name of His Son. God wants us to be bold with our intercessions. To have faith that when we ask Him to move in ways that bring Him glory, He will respond mightily. So pray with braveness and persistence. And prepare yourself to be blown away by God’s power!