June 9th – Isaiah 40:31

Isaiah 40:31

Each day is filled with its own challenges. And it doesn’t take much for those challenges to overwhelm us. But for those who wait on the Lord, help is at hand. Because when we turn to Him in our times of need, God is there. He is there to strengthen, renew, and carry us through. Our Father in heaven will never forsake us, nor leave us to fight our battle alone. Isaiah compares God’s loving care to that of an eagle. Mighty warriors who protect their young, eagles carry their eaglets away from danger. They soar high above the clouds where the sun shines and no storm rages. And just like that eagle, God carries us on His wings providing all we need to soar through even the toughest of times. No matter what we face, God promises to those whom He loves, strength to run without tiring, and walking without growing weary.