Day: June 10, 2022

A Better Way – Deuteronomy 7

Deuteronomy 7

Recently while driving to an appointment, I took a wrong turn and ended up in an unfamiliar part of the city. Caught in traffic, and headed the wrong way, as soon as I was able I pulled over. I needed a minute to get my bearings and call my husband. After hearing my plight he asked, “Why didn’t you just follow the route the GPS gave you?” I meekly replied, “Because I thought my way was better.” …

June 10th – Luke 10:41-42

Luke 10:41-42

Could you imagine entertaining the Savior of the world in your own home? When Martha heard Jesus was coming to dinner, she rushed about preparing the meal and making sure everything was just right. But her strive for perfection, made her miss out on a amazing opportunity to spend time with the Lord. And as Jesus  admonished Martha, and all of us Martha’s out there, instead of sweating the small stuff and being “bothered by many things”, our focus should be on Him. Our priority above all else should be time spent at the feet of Jesus, listening to to the words of our Savior. Although acts of servitude and humility are important, they should come second to the close, personal fellowship that Jesus wants to experience with each of us. Because without Him we can do nothing. And producing true, good fruit for His kingdom comes only through His guidance and direction.