June 19th – Psalm 24:7

Psalm 24:7

In Psalm 24, David makes a plea to Jerusalem to make room for the King of glory to enter the city. Who is the King of glory? To the priests the King of Glory is the Lord Almighty.  To the the people the King of glory is Jesus. Both are right, for Jesus is the Lord Almighty and the King of glory. Christ is the One with “clean hands and a pure heart.” Jesus is our Lord and Savior who triumphed over death through His resurrection. And now He reigns in glory at the right hand of the Father making daily intercessions on our behalf. Our Lord stands waiting for the gates of our hearts to be “lifted up” letting the King of glory in. One who longs to fill our hearts with peace, and to give rest to our weary souls. Won’t you open the gates to your heart and life and receive the perfect love and peace that only Jesus can offer?