June 20th – Revelation 16:11

Revelation 16:11

Throughout the book of revelation you see a people with a hardened heart against God. Those who choose suffering over joy, death over eternal life, and judgement over blessing. And as I reflect on my own heart, I see how at times I have had an unrepentant heart. One wanting it’s own will instead of God’s. How I’ve turned my back on Him, choosing instead to walk in sin. And how I too have cried out against the Lord when I haven’t gotten my own. But speaking from experience, I can tell you the path of rebellion leads to nothing but despair, loneliness, sorrow, and regret. Yet when you choose to walk in faith and obedience to His will, God will bless you beyond imagining, take you places your heart couldn’t dare hope for, and protect you from the wrath to come.