Day: June 23, 2022

News Of the Day – June 23rd

Pastor Held By Mexican Cartel Released

Baptist pastor Lorenzo Ortiz, who operates five shelters for migrants in northern Mexico, was released unharmed after being held hostage by a Mexican cartel for about 29 hours. When Ortiz began ministering to migrants in Nuevo Laredo several years ago, he was aware of the cartel activity in the region. He said he knew he was working as “a lamb among wolves,” but he felt assured “God was going to be there.” In the end, the cartel not only released him unharmed and without making any ransom payment, but also replaced two slashed tires on his van. Read more about his incredible story here.


Church Burns to The Ground Leaving Only a Wooden Cross Standing

A Texas community was left in awe after a devastating fire ravished a Bridgeport church on Friday bringing everything to the ground but a wooden cross. “A devastating loss to our community, but a sight to behold. The fire took the structure, but not the cross,” the Wise County Emergency Services Department No. 2 / Boonsville-Balsora Volunteer Fire Department posted on Facebook. “A symbol that the building was just that, a building. The Church is the congregation, and where 2 or more gather, there He shall be also.” The Wise County Emergency Services Department said the cause of the fire is still under investigation. Read more about the fire here.


Russian Journalist Auctions Off Nobel Prize To Aid Ukrainians

Russian journalist, Dmitry Muratov, was co-awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2021 for defending freedom of expression in Russia. And in a giant act of generosity, Muratov auctioned off his gold medal for a record-breaking $103.5 million to raise money for Ukrainian child refugees. The buyer, who remains unidentified, is believed to be from overseas as the $103.5 million sale translates to $100 million Swiss francs. The proceeds immediately went to UNICEF to help Ukrainian children displaced by the ongoing war. Although the bidding has closed, Muratov and Heritage officials said that people can still donate directly to UNICEF. Read more about his selfless act here. 


New Study Shows Vitamin D Could Ward Off Dementia And Strokes

More sunshine could help ward off dementia, according to a new study which reveals a direct link between vitamin D deficiency and cognitive decline. The world-first study discovered that cases of dementia could drop by nearly a fifth if people who are deficient in vitamin D take more supplements to bring them up to healthy levels. Pills aren’t the only solution though, as the skin makes the “sunshine vitamin” after exposure to UV light. The team from the University of South Australia looked at nearly 300,000 people from the UK Biobank examining the impact of low levels of vitamin D and the risk of dementia and stroke. Read more about their discovery here.


June 23rd – Lamentations 3:25

Lamentations 3:25

Though we may not like it, waiting on God is a big part of our walk of faith. There may be many reasons why God calls us to wait.  Perhaps He’s trying to teach us patience. Maybe we need to learn to surrender completely to His will, or to trust in His perfect timing. Whatever the reason, waiting on God isn’t easy. And it also isn’t passive. We don’t sit around passing the time waiting until He acts on our behalf. Instead, while in God’s waiting room we praise and worship Him. We go about doing the tasks that He calls us to do. Our ears stay focused on listening to His still, small voice. And our hearts trust that He will do just as He has promised. All this we do in our quest to continually seek Him. Because God promises goodness for those who patiently and diligently wait for Him.