Month: June 2022

June 22nd – Titus 2:11-12

Titus 2:11-12

The times we are living in can make anyone faint of heart. No wonder so many are crying out, “Maranatha! Come quickly Lord Jesus!” But as the hour grows shorter, Jesus tells us to stand strong. To draw near and trust Him regardless of the storm around us. And until the glorious day of His return, we are called to be spiritually alert and living productive lives for the kingdom of God. Because although we know not when, Jesus will return. Are you ready? Do you have things you plan to do but haven’t gotten around to yet? Maybe it’s to read your Bible more, or start attending Church. Perhaps it’s sharing your faith with others or forgiving someone who has hurt or sinned against you. Whatever it is, don’t wait waste another second. Do not take for granted that you have tomorrow. For as Jesus warns, “…you do not know when the appointed time will come.” (Mark 13:33)


News Of The Day – June 21st

Nebraska Father Told Daughter Died In Car Crash, Later Learns She’s Alive

When Hannah Wadiso’s father was told she died in a car crash, he broke down in tears and hit his knees in prayer. Then something miraculous happened! Just a few hours after hearing their daughter died in a car crash, Hannah Wadiso’s family received a call saying she was in the hospital in critical condition. “Amen, hallelujah, thank you, Jesus, this is a chance,” Hannah’s father replied. The error occurred due to mistaken identity. Hannah has a long road of recovery ahead of her and her parents are balancing caring for her and their other child who has special needs. Read more about this miracle here.


The Ex-Wife Of Well-Known Iranian American Pastor Alleges Franklin Graham Counseled Her To Return To Abusive Husband 

Franklin Graham has disputed charges made against him by Naghmeh Panahi, ex-wife of Iranian American Pastor, Saeed Abedini. Panahi claims Graham encouraged her to undergo counseling and return to her husband after being told that her husband abused her. She says the evangelist said to her, “There is nothing the two of you face, Naghmeh, that God can’t fix, if the two of you want it.” Graham’s spokesperson added, “Graham does not intend to address any other comments made by Abedini or his estranged wife but will continue to pray for them.” Read more of Panahi’s claims here.


Israel And Turkey Work Together To Foil Terrorist Plot

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett said Monday that Israeli and Turkish security officials have worked together to foil terrorist attacks on Israelis in Turkey. “The operational efforts alongside Turkish security forces have borne fruit,” Bennett said. “In recent days, in a joint Israeli-Turkish effort, we thwarted a number of attacks and a number of terrorists were arrested on Turkish soil.” Senior Israeli leaders have sounded a series of warnings since last week that Iran is trying to carry out terror attacks against Israelis on Turkish soil. Read more about the planned attacks here.


Newly Discovered Fossil Shows Dinosaurs Had Belly Buttons

Paleontologists have discovered the oldest belly button known to science. It belongs to a Psittacosaurusa member of the horned dinosaurs Ceratopsia, in a fossil uncovered in China. The belly button does not come from an umbilical cord, as it does with mammals, but from the yolk sac of the egg-laying creature. The Psittacosaurus umbilical scar is similar to that of an adult alligator and is the first example of one in a non-avian dinosaur that predates the Cenozoic period, 66 million years ago. Scientists from the Chinese University of Hong Kong and international colleagues in Argentina and the U.S. used a high-tech laser imaging technology to make the discovery. Read more about the fossil here.




June 21st – Psalm 46:10

Psalm 46:10

Living in a busy world comes with its share of anxiety. But our stress doesn’t have to turn into distress. When God is our source of strength, we can “be still” and rest in Him. The phrase “be still”, comes from the Hebrew word, “raphah.” Translated it means to relax, cause yourselves to let go, or to let yourselves become weak. It’s a deliberate act of surrender. It means “casting all your anxiety on Him, because He cares for you.” (1 Pet. 5:7) I once heard it said that to take control means surrendering control. It’s only when we surrender all to God, our fears, worries, and hurt, can we really take control of any situation. For as Isaiah 30:15 tells us, “in quietness and trust is your strength.” When we put God in charge, following instead of leading, we are free to walk through every circumstance with an inner quietness only He can provide.


June 20th – Revelation 16:11

Revelation 16:11

Throughout the book of revelation you see a people with a hardened heart against God. Those who choose suffering over joy, death over eternal life, and judgement over blessing. And as I reflect on my own heart, I see how at times I have had an unrepentant heart. One wanting it’s own will instead of God’s. How I’ve turned my back on Him, choosing instead to walk in sin. And how I too have cried out against the Lord when I haven’t gotten my own. But speaking from experience, I can tell you the path of rebellion leads to nothing but despair, loneliness, sorrow, and regret. Yet when you choose to walk in faith and obedience to His will, God will bless you beyond imagining, take you places your heart couldn’t dare hope for, and protect you from the wrath to come.

June 19th – Psalm 24:7

Psalm 24:7

In Psalm 24, David makes a plea to Jerusalem to make room for the King of glory to enter the city. Who is the King of glory? To the priests the King of Glory is the Lord Almighty.  To the the people the King of glory is Jesus. Both are right, for Jesus is the Lord Almighty and the King of glory. Christ is the One with “clean hands and a pure heart.” Jesus is our Lord and Savior who triumphed over death through His resurrection. And now He reigns in glory at the right hand of the Father making daily intercessions on our behalf. Our Lord stands waiting for the gates of our hearts to be “lifted up” letting the King of glory in. One who longs to fill our hearts with peace, and to give rest to our weary souls. Won’t you open the gates to your heart and life and receive the perfect love and peace that only Jesus can offer?

A Great Faith – Luke 18

In Luke 18:8 Jesus asks this question, “When the Son of Man comes, will He find faith on the earth?” Why is faith so important to God? Hebrews 11:6 gives us the answer. “Without faith it is impossible to please Him, for he who comes to God must believe that He is and He is a rewarder of those who seek Him.” In order to please God need to believe that He is who He says He is. and we need also to trust in His promise to reward our faithfulness. …

June 18th – John 14:26

John 14:26

Our Father knows all too well how frail we are. He understands that there is no way we can do what He asks of us on our own. And so He sent a Helper in the form of His Holy Spirit. God’s Spirit not only gives us the strength to do all the Lord commands, but from the moment He indwells in us He gets to work. What is His work? To change us from the inside out into the likeness of Jesus. The Holy Spirit  is God with us in all things. He convicts us of our sins, and assures us of God’s forgiveness. His help is essential in leading lives that are pleasing to our Father. And most wonderful of all, He puts upon us a seal for the day of redemption.(Eph. 4:30).  That means not only is the Spirit sent to help, comfort, and guide us, He is also God’s seal on us marking us as God’s very own!

June 17th – Hebrews 12:12-13

Hebrews 12:12-13

After reconstructive foot surgery and a tendon lengthening, I’m currently going through physical therapy. The process is slow and sometimes painful, but my weakened muscles need discipline and training to be able to walk again. That’s how it is with our walk with God. We all experience painful times. Times when we receive God’s discipline. And although no one likes correction, God lovingly deems it necessary in both training and strengthening our spiritual muscles. We all have a race set before us. One we are to run with endurance. But to do so successfully takes dedication and training. And if we cooperate with God, trusting both His direction and discipline, amazing things will happen. Not only will we reach the finish line in victory, but our faith will deepen and we’ll receive great blessings along the way!

June 16th – Joshua 1:9

Joshua 1:9

The nations who possessed the promised land were powerful, but none more powerful than God. And so the Lord commanded Joshua to not fear as he led God’s people into the land of milk and honey. When we love and follow the Lord in obedience, we never need worry about the battles we face. No matter the challenge, God has already gone ahead of us and secured our victory. Fear is a powerful tool of the enemy. He uses it to keep us weak and stuck. Many times he used it successfully against the people of Israel. But God calls us to live courageously, without fear, knowing that He is with us at all times. And this message of courage is so important, Moses wrote it down and gave it to the Levitical priests. He then commanded it be kept in the ark of the covenant, and be read to the people every seven years at the feast of booths.

June 15th – Psalm 95:8

Psalm 95:8

The book of Exodus tells of the travels of the Israelites as they fled Egypt. Through their forty year journey, the people witnessed many miracles of God in His divine care for them. Yet they still grumbled against Him. In spite of all the Lord provided, the people became faithless and their hearts grew hard. David warns us to protect our hearts from the same fate. He tells us not to take our blessings for granted, and give in to grumbling against God. Because when we turn our hearts away from Him is when we get into trouble. Like the Israelites, we too are on an exodus. We are partners with Jesus who leads us on our travels to the Promised Land. So no matter how great the trial, if we have faith in God to see us through the journey, our hearts will remain soft, thankful, and eager to obey Him.