Day: July 1, 2022

Focused On His Goodness – James 1

When each day brings with it new stories of violence, atrocities, and horrors, it’s getting harder to find the good in the world. I often find myself crying out, “Why God? Why did you allow this to happen?” During the time of James, the scattered Jewish Christians shared these same feelings. Tired of the injustice, poverty, and corruption of Rome, they were angry at God for the evil of the world.

July 1st – James 1:1-2

James 1:1-2

I’m a morning person. I love the freshness of each new day and the promise it holds. That being said, I learned long ago that nothing sucks the joy out of the morning quicker than waking up and immediately turning on the television, or getting on the internet. Filled with stories of disasters, tragedies, and divisiveness, far from feeling encouraged or empowered, I feel joyless. So instead I try to start my day with goodness. A goodness that carries me through any trial. That means going to God first. For God is good. And not because He does good, but because He is good. The Lord is the constant and unshakable source of every good thing in our lives. Ruler and Creator of heaven and earth, there is no darkness in Him to be found. And in a world that grows darker by the day, keeping our focus on God and His goodness, allows us to experience joy despite an Enemy who seeks to steal it.