July 9th – Psalm 32:11

Psalm 32:11

We all know the story of the adulterous woman. The one caught in the act of her sin. This woman could easily be you or I.  Although our sin may not be adultery, we sin just the same. And as Christians, we would do well to humbly remember all Jesus forgives us for daily. Especially before judging the sin of another. Thankfully when it comes to sin, we can experience the sweet forgiveness of the Lord through confession and repentance. No matter the transgression, when we come to God with a sorrowful heart, He is quick to pardon. Jesus didn’t condemn the adulterous women, refusing to throw the first stone. And He has no stones to throw at us either. So we can rejoice and celebrate! Because the forgiveness of the Lord not only results in an immediate restoration of our relationship with God, but a clean slate, and a fresh start!