July 13th – Romans 9:3

Romans 9:3

Paul’s heart ached for his fellow Jews and their rejection of Jesus.  So much so, that he was willing to be separated from the Lord if it meant salvation for Israel. The apostle received horrendous treatment from the people. Yet he never stopped hoping he would know the joy of seeing them receive Jesus as their Savior and experiencing the new life awaiting them. Such a selfless love is hard to fathom. After all it’s easy for us to want the best for those whom we love, and who love us in return. But what about those who don’t? Can we have the attitude of a Paul? Can we have hearts so full of love for Jesus that we mourn over His lost and rejoice over His found? Through our own strength such a love is impossible. But if we let Him, God will build in us that same kind of humble, self sacrificing spirit. The kind that joyfully leads others out of the darkness and into the light of Christ.