July 22nd – Luke 12:34

Luke 12:34

True and lasting joy can never be found in things. Instead it comes from having a close, personal relationship with God. Anything else else is just a hollow substitution. In one of His parables, Jesus tells of a rich man who had a very productive year. His crops so plentiful, he didn’t have barns big enough to store the surplus. But instead of taking that abundance and sharing it with the needy, he decided it much better to build larger barns. That way he could store his crop and live a life of ease. Little did he know, that very night would be his last. In the end the man wasted valuable time storing up earthy treasures. Treasures that eventually turn to dust. Instead, he should have been storing up heavenly treasures, becoming rich toward God. Jesus warns that wherever our hearts are, there too will be our focus. If we seek fleshly desires, our heart is going to follow. An investment in the things of this world comes with an empty and risky rate of return. But investing in God brings an unlimited supply of joy, and an eternity of riches.