July 27th – Psalm 66:20

Psalm 66:20

It’s easy to make promises to God when we feel surrounded by His glory. Those times we experience a spiritual, physical, and emotional closeness with Him. Usually it’s due to a received blessing, an answered prayer, or a need fulfilled. And in our thankfulness, we swear to never again forsake God and to faithfully follow His will. Then life goes on, and it’s business as usual. And slowly our focus wanders away from the Lord. Our time and energy is spent once again pursuing our fleshly desires. And instead of trusting Him, we attempt to meet our needs on our own. But the joyful news is this. No matter how much we reject God, He will never reject us. And never will He withhold His precious love. When we honestly repent and call out to Him, He forgives and welcomes us back into His loving arms.