August 3rd – Proverbs 11:17

Proverbs 11:17

I love the quote, “Niceness is overrated. Be kind.” Have you ever thought about the difference between the two? A nice person asks are you hungry? But a kind person will bring you food without needing to be asked. Because at the root of kindness is a heart of Christ. One that wants the best for another. While being nice stems from a fleshly heart yearning to be liked. And sadly, often times Christians are nice, not kind. Because being kind costs us. It means going out of our way, setting ourself aside, to do something for someone else. Throughout the Bible we see how God both delights in and rewards sacrificial giving. And as Solomon tells us, the kind person benefits themselves. Because we reap what we sow. And by sowing the seeds of kindness, not only are we storing up treasures for ourselves in heaven, but guaranteeing a bountiful crop that blesses others.