August 10th – Galatians 5:1

Galatians 5:1

As the perfect fulfillment of the Law, with His death the Lord freed us from living under a set of rules. Yet because we’re all in various stages of our spiritual growth, what we feel free to do or not do means different things to different people. And Paul tells we need to respect those differences with patience and kindness. Instead of saying, “I’m not giving up my rights because another Christian hurt feelings about it!”, say, “From a Christlike love, it’s better to limit my own freedom than to cause a weaker believer to stumble.” Paul knows of what he speaks. As an apostle personally chosen by Jesus, Paul was entitled to certain rights specified by God. But instead of claiming these rights, he voluntarily laid them aside for a greater reward. (1 Cor. 18-19, 23) Paul thought it a great privilege to serve the Lord. And although he never compromised his convictions, he was more than willing to put his comfort, needs, opinions, and rights behind those of others. And all to grow God’s kingdom.