August 24th – Micah 3:8

Micah 3:8

Micah was a prophet called to  deliver God’s message of judgement against Israel. Kindness and goodness were in short supply at the time. And corruption and abuse had become the practices of the day. Especially when it came to rich versus poor. Sound familiar? We serve a holy and righteous God. One who won’t forever turn a blind eye to wickedness. And the warning Micah gave Israel of God’s approaching consequences, he also gives to us. Practice justice or face the consequences. The Lord is just, and He expects the same from His people. Being just means in all His ways God is fair, impartial, dealing justice according to His righteousness. Neither can He be bought nor bribed. His Word is true, and His decisions final. (Duet. 32:4) And the justice He wields, He tempers with love and grace. And it’s that kind of justice He expects us pass on to others.