September 2nd – 1 Chronicles 22:19

1 Chronicles 22:19

Have you ever felt afraid and abandoned by God? Known the pain of being forgotten and ignored by the One you need the most? I know I have. But the truth is, during those times I found that God wasn’t forgetting me, I was forgetting God. It used to be that I only searched for God when it was convenient for me, and usually when I needed something. When times were good, my relationship with the Lord took the back burner. I would go happily on my way until the next crisis hit. But the Bible tells us we are to constantly search after God. To truly seek Him in good times and bad. To seek God literally means to seek His face, or His presence. And to truly seek Him means having a passion and a hunger burning so deep in your heart and soul that you want to feel His presence not only during times of trouble, but in every minute of every day! A passion that leads to being committed to not merely seeking Him, but in finding Him!