September 10th – Romans 5:8

Romans 5:8

The attacks of the Enemy have been coming at me fast and furious. Each day he’s been putting to the test my thoughts, tongue, and actions. And although some days I pass that test with flying colors, more often than not I fail miserably. But you know what? I don’t have to fear, because it doesn’t matter to God. His love for me isn’t based on anything I do but on everything He does. Whether I succeed or fail, God’s love never waivers! So when I’m feeling particularly discouraged, I read the words of Paul who tells me, “Newsflash! God knows your failings and loves you anyway!” The Lord knew from the beginning how we would rebel, reject, and disappoint Him. And so what did God do? Far from doling out the punishment of death we all deserve, He gives to us the precious gift of His unmerited grace and mercy. Sparing no expense, not even His only begotten Son, God Himself provides the path of reconciliation to Him, declaring us justified through faith in Jesus!