September 14th – Galatians 1:8

Galatians 1:8

Paul tells us to fear those who teach a false gospel because they are accursed and their message leads to death. Whether it’s an ear tickling gospel, a prosperity gospel, or a works based gospel, if it doesn’t line up with God’s gospel, it’s a false gospel. False gospels keep us chained to rules and laws. They lead to destruction by telling us there are many roads to God. And false gospels tell us that through our own efforts we can earn everlasting life. But the one true gospel of Jesus Christ gives us freedom and joy, not bondage and despair. It wipes clean our record, declaring us innocent and blameless. As fallen people with fallen hearts, we cannot fathom such a pure, perfect, and unconditional love as God’s. A love whose height knows no limits, and whose depth knows no end. And most wonderful of all, a love not earned but offered freely to everyone who receives Jesus as their Savior. This is the Good News of Jesus Christ. And this is the one and only true gospel!